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Beach Girls

August 8th, 2012 by Mommy

Beautiful Beach, Beautiful Girls!




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Our Beach Day

August 8th, 2012 by Mommy


We try to go to the beach once per trip to Miami. It takes a little while to get to the beach so we try to make the most of it when we go. This trip it was just the girls, Grandma, and Mama at the beach. We set up our shade, got some photos, and then played in the water.

Julia kept trying to swim in the ocean like she did in the pool and she ended up with pretty red eyes. She just kept trying though. One game the girls played was to carry wet sand into the ocean and rub Grandma and Mama’s arms with the sand. It was like our own trip to the spa. Emily asked several times to go out in the deeper water with Grandma. For having simple cups to dig in the sand the girls just stayed busy and happy for a long time. Everyone seemed to enjoy the sunny, fun day tremendously.


Two flowers that Mama would pick!


Enjoying the sun and surf!


Our Ju Ju girl!


Sun-kissed water and girl.


Digging in the sand. The ocean was destroying as fast as they were building, but that didn’t deter them.


Our shady spot, but we didn’t spend much time there. While the day was hot, the water felt great!


Playing with Grandma in the ocean.

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Miami Beach Day

August 6th, 2011 by Mommy



We visited the beach for some fun in the sun. It is amazing how entertaining sand and water can be. The weather was beautiful and we had a great breeze. The girls had a blast. Julia knew she was tired and almost took a nap under the palm trees. We tried to build a sand castle, but filling a hole with water was much more interesting. Another favorite of the girls was pretending we were on a pirate ship.

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Sunny Days

August 5th, 2011 by Mommy


We are home adjusting back to life after another trip. The girls seemed a bit disappointed to have returned home from traveling. They were thrilled to see their Daddy and Grandparents, but other than that they miss their friends, swimming, and the easy schedules.

Mama and the girls traveled to Miami and then stopped in Orlando on our way back home. We did some shopping, eating, swimming, playing with babies, playing with family, visiting the beach, more swimming in the pool, and lastly . . . more swimming and jumping in to the pool.

Thank you family for sharing the week with us!

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A Beach Day

June 17th, 2010 by Mommy

We spent a few hours at the beach. The girls loved playing in the sand. They liked covering their bodies with sand and Julia enjoyed throwing clumps of sand around. She was coated with it because each throw splattered a little back on her. It was pretty funny. Emily, Julia, and Sabah built castles. The girls enjoyed destroying them in search of hidden animals. Emily tried to fill a pool in the castle, but learned about the sand absorbing the water.

The water was so warm and nice to be in. Emily discovered that the water had salt in it. The only problem she had was when she got salt water in her eye, but we taught her to wipe her eyes and they were better. She enjoyed bouncing around in the surf. We took a walk out to a sandbar. The time went by quickly and soon it was time to get out of the sun and have some naps. Looking forward to our next trip.

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Beach Girls

June 12th, 2010 by Mommy

Sun, Sand, Water, and lots of Fun!

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